Home Improvement – Heating and Air Conditioning – A Look at Ceramic Coatings to Save Energy

Perhaps you are aware that ceramics are very good at deflecting heat, but did you know they also can be used to help keep things cooler for much longer than other materials, it is true? This new information may assist you in maintaining a very efficient air conditioning unit in your home or at your office. How so you ask?

Well first you let’s consider the guts of your current air conditioning unit. The condenser, the flanges, or fins used for cooling and the piping inside the unit. These are often made out of steel, copper, aluminum, and other alloys. Next, let’s look at the box or housing of the air-conditioning unit itself. Often these are made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. This means they can heat up on the outside and that raises the temperature inside.

To combat this problem there are now coatings that harden to ceramic or glass coatings. The chemicals must be applied at room temperature and go on at a few mils to 10-mils thick. This seals the surface with a glass-like coating. By coating both the inside and outside housing of the unit, it will keep it cool inside.

And when you coat the flanges, condenser, and piping as well, this will keep the mechanism cooler and that means your airconditioning system will run less time, as it does not need to kick in as often to keep the air inside the system cool. This is one very simple thing you can do to promote efficiency in your energy usage. It’s smart, saves money, and clearly it’s the right thing to do. Think on this.