Use A SWOT Analysis Before Trying A Natural Product And Service For Stress

Does self-healing really work when you need it as some books and tapes say? Or does the idea of a natural product and service bunk?

These are questions that run through my mind whenever I think about using a natural product and service to heal my inner self. I tend to think that it is impossible to practice self-healing if a person is overtly stressed – be it from the rigors of their job, or from difficulties that they may currently face in their personal or family life.

While many advocates encourage a change of lifestyle in order to promote and develop your physical and mental well-being, it can still be considerable hard to change the lifestyle that people have developed many years ago. I mean, who can realistically limit their work to eight hours a day to find time for recreation? This is doubly true if your workload just keeps piling up, putting your personal schedule out of balance.

But it is in this very regard that we need to find ways towards dealing with everyday stress, and finding ways to relax. Whether we decide to use a natural product and service or not, one effective way that I’ve found to manage stress so that my body can do it’s business of self-healing is to do what is a called a SWOT Analysis. The first letter in SWOT stands for strengths. The second letter stands for weaknesses. The third letter stands for opportunities. And the last letter stands for threats. Strengths and weaknesses are internal to you. Opportunities and threats are more external factors.

To start, it is important to make an assessment of your stress levels by asking yourself some key questions. For example, does your stress come from your actual work or from your lack of organization? Are you losing sleep at night because you need to finish your work? Are your co-workers, family members, or friends the cause of your relationship problems? Do you have the power and the means by which to change this situation and assert your control? Or is this heavily influenced by your boss or others?

The next step after asking yourself these questions — remember that these are only samples, you should build a more comprehensive list for yourself and your situation — is to do a SWOT Analysis. Based on the questions that you have answered, you can list on paper your strengths. For example, what aspect of your job are you good at? What qualities do you take pride in having when dealing with others? On the weaknesses column, write down what aspects of your job you could improve upon. Based on what you put down, ask yourself the following questions:

* Is my weakness a result of a lack of knowledge?

* Is it due to a lack of experience?

* Is it heavily influenced by other people in my workplace?

* What are the things that I am often criticized for in the relationship?

Once this is done, you are then able to assess the possible opportunities that are open to you. Which of these strengths are you able to use in order to aid in stress management? Will not overcoming your weaknesses be a problem when dealing with your work or with your personal life? Try to be more specific regarding your situation. Are there some parts of your work that you are able to give to other people to reduce your workload? Are there people in your the workplace that you can count on to help when you are in trouble or when you have a pressing question? Who are the people in your life that you can always count on? And are they also the same people who can help you correct any negative traits that you possess? From there, you can pinpoint possible solutions that you may take in order to correct some of the stress that you may be experiencing.

Finally, there is also a matter of writing down any potential threats that you may feel encumbered with in regards to dealing with your stress. Are there any people in your life that are constantly giving you trouble and producing stress? Are you able to avoid these people in the future? If you cannot, what are the possible solutions that will limit your dealings with these people? Is there another way to reach a resolution with them?

A SWOT Analysis allows you to see your positives and negatives and the characteristics and opportunities — the external factors — at a glance. By using SWOT, people are often able to see the key areas where they may need improvement, and use these to further develop themselves and become better people in the process. After you’ve done your SWOT, you can decide whether using a natural product and service to reinforce your strength and minimize your weakness is worthwhile.