6 Simple Ways To Run A Web Design Business

If you’d like to learn how to run a web design business, you are not alone. Plenty of people are wondering how to start their own personal website design firm. Becoming your own boss is certainly a big pull, however, you need to pursue this in a proper way. If you don’t, you can fall into a worse scenario. Here I will discuss 6 ways to get it done:

Maintain your day job

Even though you can in the future make a full time job from independent web design, it will take time. Don’t be excessively optimistic and terminate your job if just starting out. You are just setting yourself up for a disappointment.

Obtain the necessary web design skills

Web design normally takes several very specific skills. In particular, you have to be very good with HTML, CSS, Javascript and DHTML. In many cases you need to know PHP, ASP and Flash too. In addition, knowing search engine optimization (SEO) is useful. Otherwise, the web page might never rank on the internet. But you needn’t be an expert in all these fields. Choose the disciplines you enjoy and pursue those avenues.

Acquire the appropriate products

You may need a good PC with a high speed internet connection. Also, you will require an HTML editor. Whilst you’ll find completely free versions, you’ll prefer to choose a paid HTML editor, for example, Dreamweaver or Coda. The PC you are working on will need to have no less than 512K of RAM (Random access memory), because in any other case it probably won’t work nicely with expensive software.

Study advertising and marketing

To be able to get the business off the ground, you need to be capable to market it. The #1 consideration is to have your website ranking in searches. This is the way to get yourself seen by other folks. There’s nothing wrong with advertising your services in forums, though the best way to get long-term business is through the search engines.

Obviously you will probably want to start off by providing cheap assistance, just to get some business. Once you’ve obtained some experience, you can begin building a portfolio of websites that you’ve built. The only way to charge premium prices would be to show a brilliant past body of work.

Offer other services

You might also want to present article writing and SEO services, to expand your company. This way, you may really enhance your profits.

Employ others

If your business is entirely dependent on your labour, your earnings will be limited to how much work you can do in a single day. And, like this, the only method to improve your salary is to raise your prices. Clearly there is a limit to what you could charge.

At this time, the only method to grow is to hire other people. Or else, you have only built yourself a monster you will never be able to avoid. If you don’t want your earnings to stagnate or work every hour God sends, hiring other individuals is definitely the best way forward.


Operating your own company requires effort, but the rewards are very well worth the cost. If you wish to understand how to run a web design business, start using these 6 tips and you’ll increase your income in no time.